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Specialty insurance in Louisville, Kentucky and throughout the United States.

Sometimes your business demands more. More options. More coverage. More expertise. Our solutions are driven by listening to you and finding unique solutions for your unique exposures.

Our insurance advisors have diverse backgrounds and decades of industry-specific experience both locally and nationally, staying on the cutting edge of industry developments beyond risk and insurance. They’ve been there, managing the same kind of complex challenges you’re up against. So you can be confident you’re always working with someone who knows your world inside and out.


At Insuramax, there’s no such thing as off-the-shelf solutions. Like a talented chef, we customize a menu created to meet your specific needs. Stressing our local flavor, we get to know you, your restaurant and what coverage and services can bring the recipe for peace of mind.


Even though your organization’s goal is to help people, you are still running a business. That means your non-profit needs to protect itself against the risks that small business owners face. We’ll help you design a non-profit insurance policy that covers your organization’s unique needs.


Insuramax knows what you deal with on a daily basis. We wear lots of hats (like you)—including hard hats on client building sites. With years of experience working with local and regional contractors and construction firms throughout Kentucky, we understand the unique nature and challenges of your business.


Manufacturers come in all shapes, sizes and product lines. But no matter what type of manufacturing business you’re in, there’s one thing in common: the need to guard your business, both inside and out. Insuramax offers a broad range of coverage and services for more peace of mind.