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Founder’s 75th Birthday, Insuramax’s 50th Anniversary

By January 3, 2020Insurance

Today is a special day for our agency. It is the 75th anniversary of the birth, of the man who gave birth to us!  We chose this day to begin celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of what is now Insuramax.

50 years ago, Marvin Smith was not looking to have a building with over 40 people working in a locally owned and managed insurance agency. He was just tired of working for places that did not give him the freedom to engage with the people he wanted to do business with, using the products he chose to write.

Those that know him will not be surprised to know that he can, and still tells, the stories of the early days, the driving to client’s homes, businesses; late nights at kitchen tables explaining life insurance, meeting total strangers and turning them into clients.

To this day he has clients that he wrote all those years ago.  The stories of he and his beloved brother Brent, in the early years, quickly bring a smile to any listeners face. Even though he’s been gone 10 years now, like his older brother, we all miss Brent tremendously.

Lots of things have changed in 50 years.  Cell phones, computers, texting, credit cards, 800 #’s, whew! Lots of things have not, local people answer the phone, prompt courteous service, something that will make you smile or laugh, and of course, Marvin Smith is still the same!!

Look for announcements on events commemorating our 50 years!