Keystone Insurers Group

Business Owners & Executives

We insure the personal needs of many business owners and executives in addition to providing an insurance program for the companies they own or with which they are employed. Many of our clients find that as Insuramax is intimately involved in insuring their business assets and property, we’re also a perfect fit to securing the coverages needed to protect their personal assets for everything from minor accidents to catastrophic losses as well as the security and growth of their wealth. They put their trust in us for both their business and personal insurance needs.

Customized Commercial Coverage

We provide a portfolio of coverages that includes everything from high-value homeowners, auto insurance, umbrella coverage, fine arts insurance, classic car insurance, watercraft and aviation coverage, flood and excess flood insurance, earthquake coverage and much more. We also offer individual life and disability insurance solutions to safeguard the future of their families.

Part of our solutions also includes management liability insurance, including directors and officers (D&O) insurance. D&O insurance typically covers legal fees, settlements and some damages in the event of allegations involving errors, negligence, and failures to comply with regulations regarding company finances or operations in a broad sense. Coverage can be provided to protect the personal assets of directors and officers.

In addition, at Insuramax we offer solutions for business continuation that protect against events that may threaten the future of the business, like the death or disability of a proprietor, partner or key employee. We offer several products including disability insurance, buy-sell agreements and key person life insurance. We can also round out our program with executive benefits to help you offer the best employees a higher level of benefits and compensation, along with significant tax advantages.

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