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Financial planning and wellness is a priority for individuals and their families to secure their future and that of their heirs. This is especially important today with many expecting to work longer than they anticipated.

Investment, Retirement and Estate Planning

Insuramax, through our affiliation with the Lindle Hennessey Financial Group, offers a broad array of financial planning tools, including products designed to maximize your wealth portfolio and set you on a path to a comfortable and secure retirement. These include traditional and Roth IRA plans, annuities and mutual funds. Keep in mind that investment products have different goals and risk levels as well as different tax implications. The LHFG Team will help you determine what’s right for you depending on where you are in your life.

Even if you have a retirement fund through work, you can still benefit from starting an individual investment plan through LHFG. Their certified financial planners will offer options that complement not only your employer-provided plan, but also your life insurance and real property assets.

We can also provide you with estate analysis to assess your current estate plan, see if any potential pitfalls exist and where improvements and changes can be made.

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Financial planning is an individual experience, not a cookie cutter solution. Alan Hennessey and Alex & Cindy Lindle have formed the Lindle Hennessey Financial Group (LHFG) to better serve clients who want individualized planning. Listening to you, helping you find the right balance, and delivering the products and service you chose.

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