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Hurricane Harvey - Lots of ways to help

Hurricane Harvey - Lots of ways to help

When you're thousands of miles from a disaster like Harvey, a feeling of helplessness is natural for the unaffected. However, as listed above, there are many ways in which ordinary, unaffected citizens can rise up and do something. Here in our agency, we have several folks who are involved and organizing different ways to help out. From collecting necessities like adult and children diapers and wipes.Several of us donated blood at the American Red Cross. Blood is always needed at times like this. The photo is of Melanie Gould & Tim Conder at the American Red Cross Donor Center on Hubbards Ln.  You can't purchase it, fellow human beings have to donate it. When in doubt, cash can always be sued by donation to one of many Harvey relief agencies:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Houston Food Bank

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

Direct Relief

These are just a few, there are many more and you probably have a favorite. Do what America does best, Respond!