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Following are several typical questions that arise with regard to insurance matters.

Is a police report required when you’re involved in an auto accident?

It is not required to obtain a police report when an accident occurs. It is more important to ensure that the vehicles and the occupants are safe. If the accident occurs in a heavily congested area, move the vehicles to the side. Exchange insurance and contact information, and contact your insurance agent.

Is it true that there is a grace period to pay your premium?

No, your premium is due on or before the renewal date of the policy. Some carriers will accept a late payment, however, coverage ceases on the renewal date if not paid.

Are my pipes from the house to the street hook up covered?

Generally, no. Coverage is not provided for pipes/sewer connections underground from your home to the hook up.

Do I need to keep receipts of things I purchase for my residence?

It is not required; however, it could help in the event of a loss, especially for valuable items. The trouble is our memory fails us sometimes when we need it most. If you were to suffer an entire loss, e.g., a fire, you may have trouble remembering everything that you had in your home. A good solution, take photos or videos and keep them in a safe place off premises. This has been made a lot easier now with smartphones.

After normal business hours, what can I do if I have a question about my health coverage, or I need information about a claim?

Your I.D. card has a toll-free number on the back that is answered 24/7.

Is it true that all insurance is same; you may as well take the lowest cost?

It’s true that basic coverages are the same, that’s where it ends. Every situation is different. What your needs are compared to your neighbor or your best friends needs are very different. That’s what we are here for, to help you figure it all out. Give us a call, or send us an email, we are here to help you.