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Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are essential to support the goals of a business in attracting and retaining productive workers, and in establishing an employer-employee bond by helping to financially protect employees and their families. At Insuramax, we provide you with custom solutions that address your company’s needs and meet your budgetary parameters, critical in today’s environment. We also provide you with options to help employees take accountability of their own health, which serves to lower their benefit contributions, makes for a more productive workforce and assists you in gaining control over costs.

Health Insurance, Life Insurance & Disability Insurance

Through the insurers with which with partner, we offer a wide range of products from life to health and disability insurance along with administration services and management programs designed to strengthen the employee benefits you provide.

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Balancing what employees expect and need and what employers can afford to provide is key in developing an employee benefits program that addresses everyone’s need. Our staff works with you to strike that right balance providing an array of products that help to promote a healthy lifestyle in an effort to lower healthcare costs and increase employee productivity.

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