Keystone Insurers Group

Tailored Plan Creation

You won’t find a cookie-cutter approach in conducting business at Insuramax. Each of our customers is unique with exposures that come with their specific operations. In addition, outside events, regulations and trends can affect each industry segment and business differently with emerging risks impacting the type of policies and plans in place. Add to this that each client’s goals for the future differ and what makes sense for the business up the block may not be right for you.

The foundation of our success is in taking the time to really learn about our clients’ businesses and where they want to be tomorrow. Based on our thorough assessment, we tailor a plan that is customized and created to safeguard our clients’ assets, protect the health and safety of employees, perpetuate the business and more.

For example, if you have key employees or partners vital to the success of your organization, we’ll discuss and put together solutions that include corporate retirement plans, key-person life insurance, buy-sell agreements and other strategies that will help you meet the needs of your top talent and keep your business moving into the future.

If we find that there are frequent and/or severe losses and accidents affecting your workers’ compensation premiums and bottom line, we will suggest measures that can enhance your safety programs and minimize claims. If we see that your group healthcare program can be better served, we’ll take a look at your existing wellness program and make suggestions. If you don’t have a wellness program, we’ll review setting one up and the benefits of doing so.

Your firm may benefit from alternative insurance solutions such as captive program that can provide you with greater control over the cost of specific coverages. Or, perhaps self insuring your workers’ comp program makes more sense for your organization.

Our Insuramax professionals will assess all of these things and more in conducting a complete review of your operation and in creating a tailored plan for you to review.

Give us a call to discuss how we can tailor a plan specific to your needs.